Curry Mee

Last month when I was in Ipoh, I decided to have Mah Cheh’s curry mee for breakfast. I arrived at the coffeeshop in Anderson Road at 7.30 am and it was almost full but I managed to get a table in a corner. Mah Cheh’s adopted son is carrying on the tradition. The curry mee still tastes good 🙂 Can you spot the Mah Cheh?



Sea of Gold


It was a spectacular sunrise in Batu Ferringhi, Penang this morning when the sea turned to gold. If I go back to Ipoh to live, I will miss the sunrise/sunset in the Pearl of the Orient but Ipoh has those charming limestone hills ……. and that morning dew ……. and ……….

Call it a day? And check in here?

Looks like a comfortable place to settle in. Located right next to the Canning Garden Market and with all the Canning shops nearby, this place can boast of locality, locality and locality! As I stopped my car to have a good look, I saw the Indonesian maid scrubbing the front porch and a lady watering the plants. It is a happy and clean place 🙂 And I wondered …….. is it time to retire and I mean really retire …….. doing nothing but watch television …….. waiting for the kids and grandchildren to visit ……………



Last man standing.

This row of heritage shophouses must never be demolished. They are truly buildings with great historical value. I wonder whether they have been gazetted as “heritage buildings”. From the pic you can see that a couple of shophouses have built front extensions and that should not be allowed. The extensions must be removed straightaway. As many would know, this pic was taken in Hale Street (now Jalan Tun Sambanthan) and many lawyers (some of whom later became judges) had their offices here.


Gunung Lang has burst into life!

gunung lang
boat ride

I heard from my friends who still live in Ipoh that Gunung Lang is no longer that sleepy hollow. It gets plenty of visitors now especially during weekends. The two reasons for this “awakening” are :-

  1. You can now take boat rides around the lake. The boats have always been there but previously their purpose was to take you across to the playground on the opposite side of the lake. Now you need not go to the opposite side at all. You can stay in the boat which will cruise round the lake and the boat ride lasts about 15 minutes. Talk about marketing strategy!
  2. They have greatly increased the fish population in the lake and the railings at the pier have been strengthened to enable visitors to feed the fish. A stall at the pier sells bread specially packed for fish feeding. This simple idea has attracted many new visitors. How come nobody thought of it before?

I was there last month and when I arrived on a Saturday evening, the big car park was already almost full. There was a steady, strong and cool breeze blowing from the lake and people were really enjoying themselves.

Gunung Lang with its limestone cliffs provide a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos and I am surprised I have not seen people doing that until last month. I spotted this couple there.

gunung lang
wedding photos at gunung lang
gunung lang
spot the bride
gunung lang
with a strong breeze blowing it was hard to keep the wedding gown down

It is fun feeding the fishes!

gunung lang
fishes love bread

Monkeys waiting to be fed.

gunung lang
you can feed the monkeys