SS Mubarak is still in Belfield Street ....
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Posted by: kayes

10/16/2006, 02:48:13

As shown in pic below but I think they were not in that location before. Their old location was also in Belfield Street though. I think Century Book Store is also an "old bookshop". A new owner probably took over and stuck the word "new" in front to maintain the business goodwill. This "new" thing is very popular with coffeeshops. Each time ownership changes hands, the word "new" is prefixed to the name. However, I have yet to see a "New, New, New Hollywood Coffeeshop" or something like that. They all stop at one "new".

About road names, I can never figure out the new names. If someone gives me an address with a new name, I will need to bring along my GPS unit when I go to Ipoh and let the satellites lead me there. Best wishes, kayes.


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