Canning Garden Baptist Church
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Posted by: Weng Yew

08/03/2005, 13:56:11

The Canning Garden Baptist Church was officially opened in 1968. It was originally a daughter church of the Ipoh Baptist Church in Cowan Street. The Ipoh Baptist Church was a Chinese speaking congregation, and as there was a need for an English speaking one, a shophouse was rented around 1965 in Jalan Lee Kwee Foh, Canning Garden to start one. Thus the ball got started rolling while the plan for the new church building was being approved.

When new, the church building was an impressive sight. Money for the construction of the building came from the Lottie Moon Offering, an international offering dedicated to the building of Baptist churches world wide, and in remembrance of Lottie Moon, a well known Southern Baptist missionary. The Southern Baptist Convention is an 'organization' that represents the Southern Baptist denomination of the USA.

The Lottie Moon Offering is no longer operating in Malaysia, partly because of government policy governing foreign donations to local organizations, and mainly because the Malaysian Baptist Convention has taken over the role of the SBC.

The first pastor of the new church was the Rev. Ray Fry, an American. He was a good preacher, and I particularly liked him because his sermons were always short. After a short tenure, he was replaced by the Rev. Jack Shelby. The first Malaysian pastor of the church was Abraham Gan K.E., originally from Penang.

Pastor Gan must have been called by the congregation to be their pastor prior to 1974 because I was married by him in May 1974. I cannot be sure of the exact date of his appointment because I was no longer a resident in Ipoh then. My wife and I decided to have the church wedding in Ipoh because of our roots. Besides, it was cheaper than KL.

The Canning Garden Baptist Church continues to be an active church to this day. Besides English, worship services are also conducted in Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.


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