Ong Thiam Kooi<tk_ong11@yahoo.com>

Hi, I am Ipoh born and bred. I am now 52 years of age and having been around for more than half century ago, I must say that to us Ipohites, there is no where in Malaysia to stay except Ipoh. We have the best hawker foods, we don't have traffic jams (although it has been quite heavy on traffic these days) but our jams here are not very long. Usually, it is still bearable compared to K.L or Penang. Whenever people ask me where I come from I am proud to answer back, 'IPOH MALI' TQ.

ck sam<cheekongsam@yahoo.com>

Born and bred in ipoh.Studied in St Michaels. Now in the mid 40s and be glad be back in ipoh. After studying for a few years in Aust & NZ back in the 80s, came back with a degree in econs and post grad in Treasury mgnt. Got lots of interview especially in singapore from major financial institutions. Finally gave up the opportunities and decided to come back to ipoh. Work in a software house but know nuts about computer. Anyhow bought some books and write some programs and off i go. Next is having my own IT company in the late 80s. Back then computers cost about RM15,000 each. Run it until 2004 then decided to take over family business in bean sprouting (nga choi) in buntong. So here i am now, a farmer. Tough job, have lots of problem hopefully lord will guide me through it.


It is the place I go whenever I feel alienated by the people around me in my working place and in my neighbourhood. I try to create a 1900s feeling. I guess that was the time when one will feel more Chinese. ......without going to Chinatown.


I was born and breed in Ipoh, I left this lovely town for awhile to establish my further education and my job. Now I back to my home town for good.

Mohd Radzi Yaacob<morbydee@yahoo.com>

Argghh Ipoh! How I really missed the good ol' days of living in Ipoh. Though I actually stayed in Ulu Kinta and the nearest town is the famous Tanjong Rambutan, Ipoh was where I went for my Primary & Secondary eduction. Ashby Road School (1969-1974) and Anderson School (1975-1979) respectively. Though my memories of places and my schooldays escapades in Ipoh becoming blurer by day, Ipoh is still deep in my heart. The TR Bus Station, the Nasi Kandar Ganja opposite it, Perak Emporium, Ipoh Super Market, Jubilee Park & its Grand Cinema. Taman DR Seenivasagam or Coronation Park, Ipoh Padang & the Masjid Negeri. Medan Kidd & the Bus Station. Those schooling days in Ashby & Anderson. There are so many places with their own significant events to recall, for which I really need someone, ol' friends of mine perhaps, to share and reminisce.

David Cheah (Foo Fooi)<drcheah@bigpond.com.au>

Born in Ipoh, primary at Pasir Puteh, secondary at Anderson School, left after form 5. Studied in Nudgee College, Brisbane then University Queensland, graduated MBBS 1979. Now GP in Canberra. Lost touch with everybody from Ipoh. Previous friends most welcome to contact me, in fact anybody from Ipoh is fine. Interest: futures, options, forex trading, also makan as well of course!. Brother in KL, so I go across twice yearly to see mother, but no more contacts in Ipoh unfortunately, so this forum is really good. thanks Kayes, you are a legend!.


I am a Chinese Malaysian born in Ipoh in 1956. Have been a resident here in the UK for over 28 years. Found your webpage on the Yahoo site. Still have very fond memories of Ipoh when I was a young boy. Educated in a primary school in Pasir Puteh and then went on to finish my secondary education in Anglo Chinese School in Ipoh. I have been trying very hard to search and locate my long lost schoolmates from ACS but no joy. I left ACS in 1972 and after a short period of severe disappointment with the lifestyle in Malaysia,I decided to come to the UK. My life is now here in the UK but my mum and sisters have already moved to Damansara in Kuala Lumpur since 1986. I have been to Malaysia many times since I came to the UK. Still maintaining my contacts with families and relatives in Malaysia. Hope to hear from my fellow Ipohnians in Malaysia and also those who shared my feelings and have also migrated to other countries.


Am based in Singapore now but my heart really yearns to be back in good ole' Ipoh. Nothing beats home, really. Not the neon lights of Singapore, or the romantism of Paris, the energy of New York or the hip n' happening of London. Ther's just no place like home. I want to retire in my home town soon. Studied in St. Michaels till 1993.

Suresh Chandran<sureshchandranster@gmail.com>

I was born and brought up in Ipoh, and it will always be in my heart. I lived at Gurdwara Crescent, but unfortunately, I had leave Ipoh in 1983, when I went to University Malaya, and then to continue working in Banting,Malacca and finally now in Munich,Germany. I will never forget ACS Ipoh for the swimming pool, the teachers and students, the dramas and plays, Mr. Brian,etc. I also remember the delicious Indian (the briyani and roti canai),Chinese(the soup mee and butter coffee) and Malay food (laksa near Kwong Fatt), and nothing can beat that. Thinking about the food makes me drool already. One yearly event would be the Hockey final for the boys schools, where it would be either ACS,SMI or Anderson, and it was always a fiesta.It was a battle among players, among the spectators and also the coaches. I grew up in this great place, and reading all these messages will bring some joy and sometimes some tears to my eyes. I hope to get more articles and contacts, and it would be my pleasure to correspond to anyone from my special Ipoh.


hello friends
attended anderson school from '75-'79. and before that cator ave '69-74. lived in ipoh gardens before moving briefly to singapore. anyone who even remotely think they know me, please email or call me 818 326 5677(US)'i dearly missed all my friends and the phenomal food that i took for granted for 18 years.

Makendhiran <theking64@gmail.com>

I was from Cator Ave Primary School and went to Anderson Secondary School class of 3M5. I used to stay at Ipoh Garden. I am 43 years old now. Born in the year of 1964 and was known as the young Ipoh Elvis. I left Ipoh 25 years and now residing in Singapore. For the past 25 years I have been trying to locate my former classmates Ramesh Navaratnam and Daniel Ratnakumar ......hope to find you guys!!!! makendhiran

Ann Reynolds<anntyers@firestar.com.au>

I lived and went to the Convent School in Ipoh in the 60's. Just loved living there. I lived in Jalan Ayaru and cycled to school each day. On completing my School Cert. at the end of 1966 I went off to England to do what most girls did in those days - Nursing!! Yuk, did not like it, but, just loved England and the lifestyle there. So, got married to a Pom and stayed on. Worked all of my married life there, come to Perth Australia in the mid 90's and am still here and still working. So guys, if there is anyone in Ipoh that remembers me, please get in touch. I had such a wonderful gang of friends in Ipoh.


I am a resident of Ipoh for as long as I can remember.But I was not much of a 'eating out' person. So I would not be one likely to share much about that. I rather miss the social aspect of life then. The older folks then were more relaxed. They had time to sit with friends and neighbours and talk about movies and radio stories.We, who were the younger ones then, had time to sew dresses for ourselves for the once-a-while weekend parties/dances.Cycling out for the weekend cheap matinee was the regular weekly attraction.I am sure someone out there remembers! Well, like I said, I was born,bred,educated,worked, married, became a mother, and now a gradmother--and am still in IPOH.


I am an ex-MGS girl, looking for 1968 classmates. Am currently living in UK.

ah singh<father@inbox.com>

I left Ipoh in 1984 to work and never really got a chance to appreciate the place after that. I love the days when I used to play soccer for a chinese team from Pasir Puteh. Every game we used to bet and every game ended up with a brawl. Never really got into a fight as my team mates always asked me to sit outside the field and watch. Being a non-chinese I used to be the attraction but I was part of the community as I could speak cantonese fluently. I still remember a couple of names Fam Tet Soon, Chew Chee Hock, Wong Hee something (his brothers used to play soccer for Perak, he was our goal keeper), Kwai Low (Richard the chicken heart) and many more. Most of them were from Pasir Puteh. I really dont know where this fellows are now, never got a chance to meet them. I am an Andersonian, left after Form 6, saw the changes in the General Hospital where I was born and still remember a friend of mine lost his finger there - Ali Jan. Still remember the Sedap Sedap Stalls (best mamak mee). The best rojak near the big drain in Fair Park next to the apek's ice kacang stall. Good old days.

Reg Thompson<rjt@minster16.freeserve.co.uk>

Hi there - greetings to you all from England. I was so excited to stumble on this forum, as I lived in Ipoh 1957/1958, and still have very happy memories of my time there, and the friends I had. The photo of the Kinta Swimming club was just as I remember it as I spent many evenings there. I think there was a band playing for dancing on some nights, as I seem to recollect being allowed to play with the band, as I was adrummer in those days. Was there a Mr. C.N. Lim who had some connection there? I think he was also a violin player, but as I get older, my memories get a little mixed up! I am hoping to visit Malaysia during November and December, and am hoping to be able to visit Ipoh for a few days, so I wonder if any of you kind people have any knowledge or memories of the following that you would share with me. I had friends who lived at 25 Lau Ek Ching Street. Who lives there now? I spent a lot of time in "Darkies Bar" which was on the main street near a cinema. Also nearby was a small entertainment park with Joget dancing. Can anyone remind me what it was called? Is the Department store Whiteway Laidlaw still in existance, or has it become a modern shopping mall? My friend used to work there. I will not burden you with any more questions just now, but any memories of Ipoh of that time would be very very welcome. Goodbye for now, Best regards Reg Thompson

Richard Joseph<richardmelawati@yahoo.com>

hello there, i used to live in Ipoh,Gurdwara Crescent to be exact, along the road to Silibin after passing Medan Kit bus stop.I studied in ST.MIchaels from 1958 to 1961,form3 to form 5 after which I worked in Telecoms beside the old market from 1962 until 1968 when I was transfered to work in Dungun, Trengganu. In 1972 I returned not to Ipoh but to KL and have been here ever since. I had two bands in Ipoh, namely The Flames ( played in ACS and Andersons) for talentimes and then later I formed The Phantoms and played alongside The Falcons and we also played quite a bit in Penang, Teluk Anson and Taiping (note:am still using the old names since I am now a stranger in IPOH) Joseph Chin (the lead guitarist of the Falcons) gave me this site and here I am guys. My old friends who are still in IPOH are Peter Goon,John Yee, Joseph Wah ,Joseph Chin and of course the famous Datuk Khai Foo. I would really love to meet up with some old friends or class mates so guys out there if anybody can barely remember please do write to me. Thanks and cheerio.

Jerry Kok<jkcchow@hotmail.com>

Hi, I was born in Ipoh and study @ the st. michael's institution many years ago. The director then was Bro. Paul. I now live in the UK for the past 36 years. I have retired and would really like a regular update on Ipoh my hometown and Malaysian news.

Albert Lim<albertlim@sierramas.com.my>

I was born in and raised in Ipoh but moved to PJ since 1994. My family still resides in Housing Trust and I return home i.e. Ipoh...once every 2 months or so.


Good day,everyone out day. I am 40 years old now and have left Ipoh for about 20 years. I miss the food in Ipoh very much. I am 3 months pregnant now and is surely craving for some Ipoh food. Where can I find some good Malaysian or Singopean restaurant in Hong Kong.I was hoping to find some recipes for "lobak" but invalid. Please help a craving women out!!

Desmond Leong F. H.<desleong@o2.ie>

I was born in Ipoh on 30th November 1955 and an ex-Michaelian; having left Ipoh in 1973 for Ireland and have remained in Dublin ever since. I am a civil engineer and would love to hear all the various recollections of my hometown from your contributors.

Ramesh Navaratnam<rnavaratnam@aol.com>

(1) FANTASTIC WEBSITE. I've lived in the the US for the past 20 years. My years in Ipoh (From birth to age of 18) was the best childhood that enyone can imagine. It was a perfect mixture of City life, and Country Life. I went tho Cator Ave Primary School (1970-1976), and Anderson School (1977-1981). We use to lived at 51 Jalan Lang off Kuala Kangsar Road, and mostly walked or biked to school. For that matter we biked all over Ipoh, enven to the Tambun hot springs. Thorogh this website, I'm take back to my hometown, and my past. Ipoh still looks great. Can't wait to see it again. I'll be there in January. Any suggestions, on hotel, dining, etc. Ramesh

(2) Kayes: I will be back in Malaysia in a couple of days. I just wanted to write to you personally to thank you. My brother, Prakash and I owe you a debt of gratitude for this incredible website. Through Ipoh Talk, we are able to surface some of the old memories about our town, friends, things we did, and places we ate. So much so, the conversations in our Pub are now about Ipoh and the latest posting on Ipoh talk, rather than our typical subject, politics. In any case, I'm going to be in Ipoh on Jan.18 to Jan.20. If you are in Ipoh at the same time, it would be our pleasure to invite you for dinner, or at least buy you a drink. My contact number in Malaysia is 03-5634-3085 (home Subang Jaya), 01-3635-0521 (mobile). My email address also works in Malaysia. You have done good, Kayes. No bad for an old ACS boy.Looking forward in meeting you. Ramesh & Prakash Navaratnam


I was born in AlorStar Kedah and brought up in Ipoh when i was 3 yrs old when my Dad and the whole family was transferred to Ipoh.. My schooling days ..........Kindergarden till Form 4 ( St Michaels Ipoh ) and than applied to join Vocational Ipoh next to Anderson School... Left St Michaels in 1975 and left Vocational in 1976.......lost base with most of my school and classmates in St Michaels Institution Ipoh...but still in contact with some of them such as, Yacob Seman, Louis Arabella, Charles Alexander Culas, Parameswara, Dato Ahmad Farid Ridwan and a few more..so those who were in Form 1A7 to Form 3A7 and form 4A2 ( Year 1972 to 1975 )I am the 70's batch.. Kindly drop an email at helmyiium @ yahoo.co.uk. Was staying in Greentown since the 60's at No 939 Jalan Abdul Aziz, GreenTown Ipoh...Ipoh quite exciting in the 60's and 70's when you get to cycle to School without any worries of being hussled, mugged or even robbed ( at that time ) we had no computers, handphones, just Jubliee Park, Cathay,Ruby,Lido Theatres and coffehouses like ABJ and discos like Applejam..and the great Kinta river which most of the schools hold their cross country runs...Can never forget the great festival that we had...especially areas like greentown and Manjoi where the whole areas will be lighted up during Hari Raya.. Anyway Ipoh is a great place to Stay................I do go back twice a month to visit my mum,brother and sisters...

Guy Priest<guy_priest@toll.com.au>

I was born at Our Lady's Hospital (?) in 1965. My father worked at Wearne Brothers for about 18 years before moving back to Western Australia in about 1968.My mother was a WREN in the R.A.F over there too,I'm not too sure of the whereabouts of where we lived.I'd like to try and find some more info on my family when we were there.


I really enjoyed reading all the messages about Ipoh. I am also from Ipoh (ACS Ipoh- left school in 1970s) currently living and working in KL. I travel back to Ipoh quite regular to visit my parents.

Dr Imtiaz Hossain<radio862003@yahoo.no>

Want to be a friend of Ipoh ! Recently visited Ipoh and loved that city and wanna come back again asap . I am from oslo , norway who liked Ipoh very much probably because of those Limestone mountains , relaxed slow city as well as those lovely colonial buildings .I do not know what others think of Ipoh but I liked the city very very much . Your food is great too . I am considering to buy a little vacation house there . Ipoh is so romantic !!!!


One thing I would like to mention about Kuala Lumpur since I was there last month in July 2005.I was from Paris and was really surprise to use the toilet at the Kuchai Lama foodcourt and found that the toilet in the men's room equiped with air conditionned.This is good to promote the Malaysian tourisme to all over the world and there will be more and more touristes coming to Malaysia to enjoy the high standard of living peu cher (not expensive). I hope other foodcourt around Malaysia will look forward to update their hygiene surroundings so that foreigners will come often to Malaysia to spend their holidays.MALAYSIA BOLEH.


When I was a kid (wearing white long short pants- ex ACS uniform) I used to see a guy cycling on a rather old bicycle around Lahat Rd. He had a cork topi hat on, in almost full Japanese beige uniform with battle boots and with a smile on his face. Can any one remember this incident?


Hi! My name is Saifol and I grew up in Ipoh. And I just LOVE Ipoh!!


fantastic site!! reminds me of many things!! thanks!




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